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          Gold medal quality

          Strict quality control for you to cast first class products

          22 years of production experience

          Self drilling self tapping screw
          China machinery general components professional association excellent enterprise

          More than 20 export countries

          Honesty, pragmatism, truth-seeking, innovation
          Continue to exploit and forge ahead

          100K workshop area

          The world's famous "Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge"
          Has a first-class modern factory more than 100 thousand square meters

          100% after sale service

          Provide quality for global customers
          High efficiency, low consumption and durable products

          About Us

          In the fastener industry, there is a bright pearl, which is located in the world-famous "Hangzhou Bay Bridge" - 1.5 km from the east exit of the Golden Channel South Bank, the national outstanding fastener industry - Cixi Zhencheng Machinery Limited. Enterprises adhere to the "integrity, pragmatism, truth-seeking, innovation" eight-character policy and continue to develop, forge ahead, the company's annual output value of several hundred million.. ...

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          Wire drawing workshop

          Cold heading workshop

          Drilling and tail workshop

          Rubbing workshop

          Heat treatment Heat treatment workshop

          Electroplating workshop

          Storage shelves

          Test shop





          E-mail:            zhencheng@zhencheng.com

          Website:            http://www.mealangzao.cn            http://zhencheng.en.alibaba.com

          Copyright ? 2018 Cixi Zhencheng Machinery Co., Ltd. Copyright Technical support: Le-so

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